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The German restaurant (Roemer Topf), in Mascoutah, Illinois, is under new ownership by Mascoutah Steakhouse.  Combining both menus, they will bring the traditional Bavarian dishes to the Christkindlmarkt along with some new offerings by Mascoutah Steakhouse.

They take great pride in the fact that they are a traditional Gast Haus. Families are welcome, round tables invite conversation and laughter - a stress free zone, warm, inviting, clean, and uninterrupted by TV.

Over the years, their guests have come to expect the very best in Authentic German Food and Hospitality. Committed to upholding these expectations, their Culinary Team create Bavarian menu items with the freshest, savory foods available... all to bring back memories for so many who once stayed in beautiful Bavaria or visited Germany.  




We are a small German Bakery in Kinmundy Illinois

When we moved from Germany in 2001, we immediately fell in love with Kinmundy and knew we wanted to stay. 


We embraced our new home, but we missed the hearty breads and scrumptious desserts we had grown up enjoying in Germany. So, in 2009, we opened Oma Gisi’s German Bakery in order to bring you (and us!) the best of both worlds.


At Oma Gisi’s German Bakery, we use only the finest whole wheat organic flour, whole grains, and freshest ingredients to bake exceptional loaves of bread, pretzel rolls, rolls, pastries, cookies and cakes using traditional German recipes.






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Specializing in Eastern European Food, traditional Polish recipes, Pierogis, Friday Fish Fry, and weekend breakfasts! 



Assorted beer, gluhwein,

traditional hot roasted nuts pretzels, and more.

On September 2, 1990, Mayor Richard Brauer of the City of Belleville and Mayor Wilhelm Lüke of Stadt Paderborn signed an official friendship document at City Hall in Paderborn, Germany that created Belleville Sister Cities, Inc., a Sister City affiliation.  Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, Belleville Sister Cities, Inc. was established to promote and expand understanding and friendship with Paderborn, Germany, so that citizens of each city understand each other through youth, cultural, and business exchanges. Belleville is proud to have Paderborn, Germany as its official Sister City. 



Popcorn made daily; so many flavors

to choose from, to enjoy at the Market

or take home, and great for gift giving.


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