Nuremberg is known for having the most traditional Chirstmas festival.  This Christmas Market, on the City's main market square, next to the famous foutain dates back to the mid-16th Century.  It's first mention in writing is from 1628.  A list from 1737 shows that all Nuremberg craftsmen were represented at the market.  The event wasn't held during WWII.  In 1948 the Christmas Market was re-established.   Dressed in white and golden robes,  with long blond hair and adorned with a crown, the Nuremberg Christ Child is a symbolic figure of the Chirstkindlmarkt, known throughout the world as one of Germany's oldest Chirstmas Markets.  Every year on Friday before the first Sunday of Advent, the people of Nuremberg welcome the "Christkind", who officially opens the festivities by reciting a poem.  The Christ Child is a young woman (between the ages of 16 - 19 years old) who is elected by a jury for a two year period to be the city's official representative for all the festivities.


As the culmination of the year long celebration of Belleville's Bicentennial, an autentic German Christmas Market was held in the Public Square, downtown Belleville 2014.  Modeled after the German Markets, and in particular the Nuremberg, Germany Christkindlmarkt, shoppers were treated to vendors from across the world, authentic German food and drink, as well as entertainment.


The Market is officially opened by Belleville's own Christkind.


Buy your official Christkindlmarkt souvenirs at Haus 1, the non-profit booth, staffed by non-profit organizations from Belleville and surrounding communities.  Souvenirs include gluhwein mugs, Christmas ornaments, and kinder cups.  You can also buy packaged sweet treats imported from Germany, as well as authentic Bavarian Hats & more!

The Christkindlmarkt is established under BCEO a non profit organization (501 c 3) set up exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically including the beautification and enhancement of the cultural resources of Belleville, Illinois, through the creation, display, maintenance and restoration of memorials, monuments, museums and for the promotion of social welfare.